Thursday: Science
Finish the book work on adaptations:

Then go to the website

Create your wildself: Once you are done you go to print. Then right click on the image. Then you will save image in google drive. Respond to the following prompt. You can either create doc to do this work or create a new webpage called WildSelf

Pretend you have survived and lived to the distant future. You have evolved which has allowed you to survive to such a late date. Create your features and explain how your features have allowed you to survive. Keep in mind you must have adaptations that allow you to deal with weather, predators, prey, habitat, what niche do you have in your community etc....

Monday: Update your website to include the following information:

Please reflect on the following prompts using qualitative and quantitative data. Think about our class goal of improving fluency in math.

Goals today: Reflect on improvement so far this year. What have you found challenging? What has helped you get better? What do you need from adults to help you? What has been your greatest accomplishment?

If you didn't finish reflecting about the integers test: I can locate and plot rational numbers on number lines and coordinate planes. Use data from your test to support this prompt.

Big Ideas in Math: Math Principles

I Can Statements