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Choose a biome from the list below:

desert, tundra, tropical Rain forest, coniferous forest, deciduous forest,

Research the following information. Read pages in your textbook. Take notes. Answers questions in the section review.

Write a postcard as if you are visiting this biome. Include the following information OR create a VLOG about your visit.

  • The specific name of the biome & relative location (Which country is it in?)

  • The amount of rainfall/precipitation this biome typically receives in a year

  • What season is it?

  • A prey and predator relationship in this biome or describe a food chain.

  • Describe a symbiotic relationship in this biome.

  • Describe the natural habitat and the plants and animals that live here. (What does it look, smell, sound, feel like? DO NOT LIST THINGS embed your thoughts in descriptive sentences!)

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