Homework: Students should be done research and should be writing paragraphs about their Marine Biome Organism. This is the focus of our homework for this week. All information is due in edited form on Monday. We will do one last class edit and begin pasting pieces to their poster board at that time.

Math: Today in class we again worked on jumbling up a variety of problems so that students would need to determine what type of problem they were solving and decide on the best approach for solving the problem.

Here is a video and sample exercises students were able to use to help them.
Dividing Fractions

Language Arts: Today we got many of our Lit Trips recordings done. I couldn't be more please with the interaction of students and their willingness to help each other with some fairly complicated steps for finishing. Here is a link to some of our work:
Lit Trips

Science: We worked on research and also are completing our food webs. The enthusiasm for our big Marine Cuisine Night is building!!!

Social Studies: We are continuing to learn about P.E.I. as we read Anne of Green Gables during breakfast. We are also doing keyword searches and discovering some of the unique features to the various locations in the Maritime Provinces. Today's focus was....