How many have 1 to 1 classroom?
How long?

Setting up technology in the classroom:

Intro Student reaction to receiving the Netbooks.

Promise Students reading the rights and responsibilities of using the netbooks. The document is at the top of this page

Netbook 1 Video of students discussing how they think classes will be different using the netbooks.

Using Netbooks Netbooks in use in class.

End of the Year Netbook Review Movie on Desktop

Built up my knowledge of web 2.0 to instruct curriculum.

Digital Citizenship Curriculum:
Internet Safety

Vital Tools in my classroom:

Wiki: http:\\kheveyvt.wikispaces.com
Free wikispaces for educators
Wiki Link
3D text creator
Free on-line counters

Glogster for presentations
Glogster for educators
Glogster Link

21 Classes for blogging regarding literature in the beginning

Differentiated Instruction:
KWL for example

Using PhotoStory:
Clotee I Am Poetry

Creating video:
Using MovieMaker and Any Video Converter

Vocabulary Review
Ecology example
Our first newscast
Capturing classroom moments
Science Kazoo Example
Using webcams to produce video. Learning file management as well
Capture science labs so students can see things in slow motion and absent students can revisit what they missed.

Google Aps:
This tool is crucial for collaboration
Google Sites; We re-enacted Doug Wilhelms, Science Fair chapter making the technology sited in the chapter come alive.

Google Presentations: Limited can't use videos unless YouTube and YouTube is blocked at school.
Google Translate: Students use this to try to communicate with our diverse population. We have some non English Speakers. Even if the program doesn't help it builds a comaraderie.
Dictionaries: Students can't always pronounce words they are learning. Teaching them to use on-line dictionaries is essential for more than looking up words.

GeoCaching for studying Geography.

Mr. Donn

Quizlet create vocabulary quizzes, easy to use and manipulate
Wordle key words come to the surface in a research article.

Today's Meet (use like clickers with no set-up necessary)
Today's Meet
Group Discussion Sept. 26

QR codes (make your own flash cards)
QR Codes
United Streaming short video clips Paid subscription
United Streaming
Sheppard Software for grammar and maps
Map Games
Purpose games for science and social studies
Purpose Games
Great site to explore many web 2.0 tools
Go Web 2.0
Data Collection

My conference notes from the ISTE conference with web links.

New this year: Starting the year with instant access to the internet there were new obstacles to face.
Online Degree Programs
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